We do the measuring during the production process, eliminating your guess work. We size PAK-IT®'s such that 1 PAK-IT® is precisely measured for 1 application, be that a: quart bottle, mop bucket, scrubber or sink

We offer individual units in 2-count clamshells all the way up to 100-count tubs [2,5,12,20,25,50,100]and case configurations containing as few units as 50 and as many as 800. Most distributors carry 20-count jars and 50 & 100 count tubs and offer them singularly and also by the case.

No. They are dissolvable pouches that do not require opening, cutting or tearing. You simply drop one into water and it dissolves.

Generally speaking it takes 2 minutes, but that differs slightly from product to product. The bathroom cleaners take marginally longer than the others. The warmer the water the quicker it will dissolve.

No, the water can be cold, tepid, warm or hot. We do not recommend hot water in the quart trigger spray bottles, but do recommend it for sinks, scrubbers, laundry, dish washing and mop buckets.

Not really. We have tried to take all guess work out. Each of the surface products that use a quart trigger spray bottle are color coded, matching the trigger color with the bottle label and formula color. The labels are all in English and Spanish and have pictorial instructions on the bottle.

Yes, but we recommend you use the matching color coded bottles to reduce training, improve safety and help with compliance to OSHA.

Contact us and we will put you in contact with a distributor in your area. If you are a distributor, you can contact our wholesaler Lagasse / United Stationers.

Keep PAK-IT®s in their secondary containers [jars and tubs] and close the lid. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid touching PAK-IT®'s with excessively wet hands.

Yes. Results are posted on the website www.pakit.com/

While Green Seal certify certain products as being low in toxicity and high in biodegradability, all PAK-IT® products have sustainable attributes in so far as all are hyper-concentrated so we are not producing, shipping and storing water creating unnecessary C02 emissions along the supply chain. All Surface PAK-IT® products use re-usable PET plastic bottles and all PAK-IT® products are pre-measured eliminating the over-consumption, waste and volume of chemicals that are used that often make their way into the waterways, landfills and soil.

No. Touching the PAK-IT®'s with wet hands is not going to cause them to leaks or explode or erupt. You have to immerse the PAK-IT®s in water for 2 minutes for them to dissolve. We recommend you handle with dry hands because the film will become sticky and sweat if you repeatedly touch them with wet hands.

Broken or leaking PAK-IT®'s is generally caused through mishandling in transit or storage. If you receive a shipment that is clearly leaking you need to decline acceptance of that shipment. If product is leaking during storage then isolate the damaged jar or tub and discard the contents. Wash and dry hands after touching. Sometimes 1 PAK-IT® on the bottom of a jar or tub may have leaked, you can remove that and the other units are okay to use.

The EPA regulates disinfectants and has certain strict guidelines as to the production, shipment, storage and use of disinfectants including labeling. All disinfectant products need to adhere to strict labels which detail the manufacturers name and kill claims. In our case the PVA film also needs to display our EPA Registration code.

No, although certain distributors have online stores which may result in some households purchasing PAK-IT®. But for the most part PAK-IT® is a commercial cleaning product.

Compared with dispensing systems PAK-IT® doesn't require capital equipment, long term service and maintenance contracts or limit you to 2-3 formulas. Compared to other Unit Dose applications PAK-IT® is neither a powder or require the user to tear open the pouch. PAK-IT® is Potion Control without the expense, without the commitment and with liquid, water-soluble technology.

Placing a liquid cleaning chemical concentrate with less than 7.5% moisture content into a single layered water soluble PVA film.

We recommend you do not. Leave the chemistry to the experts!

We guarantee 2 years, but we have retained product that remains effective for over 10 years.

Purely to make product identification easier.

Cheaper to buy, ship and store, more environmental and less waste into landfills.

Simplicity and Safety. No more measuring, mixing and pouring! Less product waste from over pouring, improved effectiveness from under pouring, safer for users because PAK-IT is a closed loop system, there is no exposure to the chemicals.

Better performance using formulas specifically engineered for each task rather than 2-3 formulas to accommodate the entire scope of your cleaning requirement. Also greater labor productivity by having product available at the point of cleaning not stuck on a wall in the wet room or janitors closet a distance away.

Our products are liquid chemicals which have greater efficacy than powders and our packaging is dissolvable and doesn't require opening and measuring.

Contact us to see if your territory is available or if a specific national account is available.

Office and Facilities Managers, Retail Stores for their janitorial programs, Healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, medical clinics, sporting arenas and gyms, Hospitality like hotels, casinos, motel chains., Food Service like restaurant chains, Educational facilities like schools, school districts, universities and community colleges. Correctional Facilities, Automotive industry like fleet management, rental agencies, auto dealerships and the Government sector.


A note from our Owner & CEO Richard Higgs

"Ask yourself this question, have you ever used P&G Tide Pods or equivalent in your laundry? If the answer is yes, then compound the question and ask yourself have you ever gone back to free-pouring powder or liquid? 9 times out of 10 the answer is no. Why is that? I dare you to try PAK-IT and then see any logic in buying branded RTU cleaning products ever again"